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A Journal of My Misgivings
Liang Yusheng, Sima Qian, and the History of Qin (CRM 79)
Jeffrey Riegel
The Stage in the Temple
Ritual Opera in Village Shanxi (CRM 78)
David Johnson
Ryu Sŏngnyong, Chancellor of Chosŏn Korea
On the Battlefield and in Memory (KRM 39)
Choi Byonghyon
Letters from Japan’s Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Correspondence of Warlords, Tea Masters, Zen Priests, and Aristocrats (JRM 20)
Morgan Pitelka, Reiko Tanimura, Takashi Masuda
The Inside Story of Taiwan's Quiet Revolution
From Authoritarianism to Open Democracy
James Soong
Water Moon Reflections
Essays in Honor of Patricia Berger (CRM 77)
Ellen Huang, ed., Nancy G. Lin, ed., Michelle McCoy, ed., Michelle H. Wang, ed.
Toward Democracy
South Korean Culture and Society, 1945–1980 (KRM 38)
Hyunjoo Kim, Yerim Kim, Boduerae Kwon, Hyeryoung Lee, Theodore Jun Yoo
Sunflowers and Umbrellas
Social Movements, Expressive Practices, and Political Culture in Taiwan and Hong Kong (CRM 76)
Thomas Gold, ed., Sebastian Veg, ed.
What Is Korean Literature?
(KRM 37)
Youngmin Kwon, Bruce Fulton
The Rhetoric of Death and Discipleship in Premodern Japan
Sōchō's Death of Sōgi and Kikaku's Death of Master Bashō (JRM 19)
H. Mack Horton