Japanese Religions in and beyond the Japanese Diaspora

Japanese Religions in and beyond the Japanese Diaspora

(JRM 15)

Ronan Alves Pereira, ed., Hideaki Matsuoka, ed.

Publication date: 2007
ISBN-13 (print): 978-1-55729-087-8
ISBN-10 (print): 1-55729-087-3

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This volume presents Japanese "new religions," those founded since the first decades of the 1800s, as they spread overseas through the expansion of the Japanese empire and the emigration of Japanese laborers. Each chapter serves as a case study of the effect of cultural and religious globalization. Thus, the book contributes to a better understanding of the phenomenon of religious transplantation, particularly in regard to Japanese religions, in the context of an increasingly globalized world.

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Title information

Contributors in anthropology, religious studies, and sociology look at Japanese "new religions" and how they spread overseas to better understand religious transplantation in an increasingly globalized world.

Leila Marrach Basto de Albuquerque is professor of sociology and scientific methodology at the State University of São Paulo, Brazil.
Andrew Barshay is professor of history at the University of California, Berkeley, and former chair of the Center for Japanese Studies.
Robert N. Bellah is Elliot Professor of Sociology Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley.
Gary D. Bouma is professor of sociology at Monash University, chair of the UNESCO Interreligious and Intercultural Relations–Asia Pacific committee, associate priest in the Anglican Parish of St John's, East Malvern, and vice-chair of the World Conference on Religion and Peace (Australia).
Nelson Graburn has taught at the University of California, Berkeley, since 1964, with visiting appointments at institutions worldwide.
Hideaki Matsuoka is professor of international communication at Shukutoku University and lecturer in anthropology and Latin American studies at the University of Tokyo.
Daniel A. Metraux is professor of Asian studies at Mary Baldwin College in Virginia.
Ronan Alves Pereira is professor and former chair of the Center for Asian Studies of the University of Brasília.
Cristina M. Rocha is an Australian Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Cultural Research, University of Western Sydney.
Susumu Shimazono is professor in the Department of Religious Studies of the University of Tokyo.
Wendy A. Smith is director of the Center for Malaysian Studies, Monash Asia Institute, and a senior lecturer in the Department of Management, Monash University.


Pages: 248
Language: English
Publisher: Institute of East Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley
OCLC: 124074842

Ronan Alves Pereira, ed.

Doctor Ronan Alves Pereira is professor of Japanese studies at Universidade de Brasília, Brazil.


Hideaki Matsuoka, ed.

Hideaki Matsuoka is professor of international communication at Shukutoku University.


Japanese Religion in and beyond the Japanese Diaspora (JRM 15)

Foreword – vii
Andrew Barshay

Introduction – 1

Part I: Japanese Religions in the World – 15

  1. 1. The Expansion of Japan's New Religions Overseas – 17
        Susumu Shimazono
  2. 2. The Settlement of Zen in Australia – 30
        Gary D. Bouma
  3. 3. Sūkyō Mahikari in Australia and Southeast Asia: A Globalized New Religious Movement outside the Japanese Diaspora – 45
        Wendy A. Smith
  4. 4. The Farce of the "Great Russian Salvation Tour": The Legacy of Aum Shinrikyō in Mother Russia – 79
        Daniel A. Metraux
  5. 5. When Uchi Goes Soto: The Travels of the Gods in the Shinto Diaspora – 102
        Nelson Graburn
  7. Part II: Japanese Religions in Brazil – 121
  8. 6. Japanese Religions in Brazil: Their Development in and out of the Diaspora Society – 123
        Hideaki Matsuoka and Ronan A. Pereira
  9. 7. The Brazilian Imaginaire of Zen: Global Influences, Rhizomatic Forms – 146
        Christina M. Rocha
  10. 8. The Nationalization of Foreign Gods: Seichō-no-ie among Brazilians – 170
        Leila M.B. de Albuquerque
  11. 9. Elevation of the Spirit: On the Continuity and Discontinuity between the Church of World Messianity and Brazilian Religions – 183
        Hideaki Matsuoka
  12. 10. "A Paradise of Happiness Will Unfold in You in Brazil": Sōka Gakkai Success in and beyond the Japanese Expatriate Community – 201
        Ronan A. Pereira

Afterword – 231
Robert N. Bellah

Glossary – 234
Index of Names and Terms – 246
Contributors – 249



"This book is a rich anthology of articles representing a reference for scholars and students who are interested in the diffusion of Japanese religions in the West….The unique contribution of this volume is its focus on the international expansion of Japanese religions in and beyond Japanese ethnic communities while emphasizing the role of Brazil in this process." ~Regina Yoshie Matsue, National University of Singapre, in Japanese Journal of Religious Studies (http://www.jstor.org/stable/30234506)